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[21 Aug 2006|07:52pm]
New Logos:

agentgross's webpage

Jeremy, did you or I take this picture? I remember pointing this guy out to you, and you posted about him, but I don't remember which of us actually took the picture.

Here are my new logos from my classroom sites. I know that it is too obvious that I am not into graphic design, but you do the best that you can. AHH!! 2nd person!!!

agentgross's webpage

agentgross's webpage
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[21 Aug 2006|12:00am]
David: You asked my wife to run away with you!

Adam: Um.

David: You asked my wife to run away with you twice!

Adam: Twice?

David: Yeah, you asked her at the party at Carl's house, and you asked her at our house when we had you over for lunch.

Adam: Oh, yeah -- but the time at lunch I was joking.
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[18 Aug 2006|10:52am]
This will only be funny to Jeremy and Lanie:

agentgross's webpage
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Dialogue [17 Aug 2006|01:00pm]

Baumlin: Where did Plato hang out?
Chris: With little boys.
Baumlin: Not with whom, where?
Lanie: In little boys?

Applause; Laughter

EXIT BAUMLIN (in tears)
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[15 Aug 2006|12:15am]
agentgross's webpage
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Sorry this is so long. [14 Aug 2006|03:32pm]

David: Disgruntled Graduate Assistant

Wilma: Office Secretary

Voice: Book Company Rep/Satan

Girl: Book Store Worker

Boy: Book Store Worker


English office followed by campus bookstore. Wilma is already present on stage when lights are raised.


David: Wilma (bows), I have a conundrum from which only you can save me. My desk copy of my text for English 100 has not arrived yet, though I ordered it 6 weeks ago, and my class starts in less than a week. Can you contact the book company for me?

Wilma: Of course (picks up phone and dials number).

David: My hero (swoons into a computer chair where he stays inert until called to deliver more lines).

Voice: Satan book sellers, how can we burn you?

Wilma: Hi, I faxed a book request to you approximately 6 weeks ago, and—

Voice: (interrupts) what number did you use?

Wilma: 666-666-6667

Voice: There is your problem. We don't use that number anymore. Now we use 666-666-6666.

Wilma: Couldn't you have had the decency to forward the request to the right place?

Voice: Sucks to be you.

Wilma: Anyway, I have a graduate assistant here who is teaching a section of English 100 and has not received his text that he ordered for the class. Can you—

Voice: (interrupts) We don't send books to graduate assistants.

Wilma: But he is the teacher of the class. How is he supposed to teach his class without the book that he ordered?

Voice: Sucks to be him. I recommend that you tell him to go to hell.

Wilma: What about the students?

Voice: My records show that most of them have already bought their books, so you can tell them to go to hell as well.

Wilma: (lying through her anus and placing the phone in the general region to make the effect more pronounced) Oh, my! The department head has said that he will take over the class. Can you send him a copy of the book?

Voice: Let me check our records (long pause, Wilma files her nails). Sure, we don't own his soul yet, and it is on our acquisitions list. I will send one right away.

Wilma: How long will that take.

Voice: At least two weeks.

Wilma: But classes start in one week.

Voice: Sucks to be you (hangs up).

Wilma: David (David starts to his feet and wipes drool from his mouth)!

David: Wilma!

Wilma: Here is a bookstore voucher. They will give you a text, and we can trade when WD's text gets here.

David: (kisses hand) Thank you my knight in satin print!



Girl: (snickers) I know, I'll hide the umpiring text books in the section for the visually impaired. (pause) Wait a minute, they always hang around that section anyway.


David: Excuse me, I am looking for the textbooks for my English 100 class.
Girl: We sold them all. Sucks to be you.

David: But I am the teacher. I really need one.

Girl: Really sucks to be you.

David: When will you have some in?

Girl: Go ask my manager (points at boy).


Boy: (soliloquizing) I will replace these texts on proper contraceptive usage with these other books on making balloon animals.

David: Excuse me.

Boy: Yes?

David: When will you have some more copies of my text for English 100?

Boy: End of next week.

David: But I need it sooner.

Boy: Sucks to be you.

David: But I am the teacher.

Boy: (looking at chart) David Gross?

David: Yep.

Boy: Really sucks to be you.


David: Thus my semester begins in angst and terror, but I shall have my revenge, for I shall teach for two score years at least, and never again during that time shall I use Satan book sellers inc., and I shall tell all who will listen of the deeds of that ignoble house until it has fallen into ruin, and I have pissed upon its ashes.

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[13 Aug 2006|07:07pm]
If I had canker sores, I would not eat out a chick who was on the rag and had aids.
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. . . Must Come to an End [10 Aug 2006|01:39pm]
Today is the last day of vacation, and while some of my friends obviously don't have their heads back out of vacation mode and seem intent on getting themselves into trouble, I am sitting here in Florida with nothing in my head but school. I am fucking ready. Unfortunately, I can be as ready in my head as I want, and I am still not going to be ready to teach 100 this semester because I still haven't gotten my desk copy of my text. It looks like I am going to be giving my students nothing but a policy statement on the first day and putting together an actual schedule during the first week, assuming that my books come in at all.

I was just sitting here wondering why I am the only person chez Brewster who is not dead to the world. J and L are both little more than breathing, snoring, farting corpses. Then I remembered, the reason that I am not trashed today is that I was not trashed last night. Read More . . . The other two: well, lets just say that they might not so much have gone to sleep as sleep/beer/liquor walked up and bitch slapped them into the next day, that is, today. I could have been there with them, and to tell the truth, I don't know why I am not. I tiptoed right up to that line, getting so close that I could actually feel that one more sip of alcohol would mean shit-faced, hog sticking, Irish music listening, pool table humping fun, and I hovered there for a couple of minutes before ordering, of all things, water. I have no intention of making the same mistake tonight. After all, all that I have to do tomorrow is drive for twelve hours. What better way to work off a hangover?
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Syncronicity [08 Aug 2006|01:57pm]
Seven years ago next week: the first Sunday that I was in Springfield after my parents had gone back home from dropping me off at CBC, I went to Nixa Assembly of God for the morning service with this gorgeous girl named Maria and was asked out to dinner by the couple sitting behind us. We didn't have anything to do, and the couple offered to pay, so we figgured what the hell and let them take us to dinner.

That was the first time that I ate at Zio's, and Zio's should really have paid the couple to take us there instead of making them pay because that one meal has directly led to several thousand dollars of revenue for the restaurant. Beyond the fact that Andrea and I eat there all the time, after I told my mom about the restaurant, she started taking groups of women there when they came to visit, and it has generally been as profitable for Zio's as this paragraph has been a digression from my point.

For some reason, that lunch really stuck with me, and I always remembered what the man-half of the couple did for a living (he ran Honorbound men's ministries) and even what I had to eat (the Spaghetti Feast), though I didn't remember their names or expect to ever meet them again.
Move forward six years to last fall during GA orientation: I am standing in the GA break room eating pizza and wondering how it is that everyone else already knows one another when it is our first day in the program, and this (hot) girl walks up to me and introduces herself, clearly as uncomfortable as I am, but dealing with it in a different way. Thus begins a really good friendship (I would say "great," but it doesn't sound right in my head: too super-villianous).

Move forward one more time to the beginning of this Florida trip: Right before we are about to get in the car to leave Springfield, Lanie mentions in passing that her dad used to be the director of Honorbound. I respond that I was once taken out to lunch by the Honorbound director, and we compare notes. The dates seem to match, but that doesn't really mean anything, so we wait. Sure enough, when we arrive in Pensacola (in sight of the hotel where my family stayed during our trip there [a little more syncronicity if you needed any]), Lanie's parents are the ones who took (hot) Maria and me out to lunch almost seven years ago in Springfield, Missouri.

Here is the strange part: This stuff happens to me often enough that I don't even get surprised anymore.
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Not Here [03 Jul 2006|01:28pm]
I have decided to post on my own website, which while being less accessable, is set up just how I like it. The site is www.Rhetorix.net. If anyone knows how I can imbed an image as a link here, let me know and I will put up a Rhetorix image to link to the page. Wooo.
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[01 Jun 2006|12:36pm]
Dissipation. Death in Space
Smile: Enter the void
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[15 May 2006|10:32pm]
I think that I might have to start posting again. The question, however, is where?
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Test [11 May 2006|07:52am]
Second Editions
Bring more revenue
To starving writers.
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Return [26 Jul 2005|04:33pm]
Not that it matters to anyone, with the possible exception of Terra, but tomorrow I am leaving Normandy for Paris, and the day after that, I am flying out of Charles de Gaule Airport with Andrea to finally go home.
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Because I Had To Write It Anyways [13 Jul 2005|03:14am]
I found out after I turned it in that this is really quite horrible, but it was the first real research paper that I wrote in French, and for that reason, and becuase most of you can't read it anyway, I am going to post it here for future historians to regard with pensive expressions and questionable sagicity.

Il semble que, quand le progrès de la pensée et de la technologie a commencé á accélérer, cette accélération continuera á accélérer de manière exponentielle. Aussi, tous la progresse communique avec tous l’autre progresse et leur relations sont très compliquées. Donc, quand on veut faire une étude du modernisme français, il faut que cette personne reconnaisse l’importance de chaque aspect pour tous les autre. Pour cette raison, et parce que les bonnes ressources pour faire un étude proche d’une sujet très spécifique ne sont pas disponibles, cet étude trie communiquer une idée des grands mouvements historiques et dans les arts pendant la première moitié du vingtième siècle. Pour comprendre le chaos et les idées qui ont grandi de ce chaos, il faut qu’on comprend, dans l’histoire ; la belle époque, les deux guerres mondiales, et la chute de la troisième république, et, dans l’art de cette époque ; l’architecture, la music, la peinture, et la littérature.

La Belle Epoque est considéré être un période de paix, harmonie et développement pour France, et c’est vrai. Mais, ce nom, « Belle Epoque » est donné au période après le début du vingtième siècle jusqu’au début de la première guerre mondiale pour souligner et se rappeler la stabilité qui la caractérisaient. Comme tous les époques avec les noms qui sont très optimistes, le siècle des lumières par exemple, il y aurait beaucoup des exceptions, mais en comparaison avec les années après les guerres mondiales, le nom « Belle Epoque » est très opportun. Pendant cette époque beaucoup des commodités modernes étaient inventé. Par exemple : le téléphone, l’automobile, l’avion, l’électricité, et le métro sont arrivé en France pendant la belle époque. Aussi, il était pendant la belle époque qu’enseignement est devenu obligatoire pour tous les jeunes jusqu'à l’âge de douze ans.

Après la Première Guerre mondiale était déclaré en mille neuf cent dix huit, toute la prospérité a disparu dans une guerre très horrible, comme enfer, où une génération complète des hommes était tué dans les tranchées. Dans l’avis de Antoine Prost, la Première Guerre Mondiale était le vrai début du vingtième siècle parce que cette guerre a mit fin à l’hégémonie dans la monde, commencé la société avec l’argent d’inflation, et posé beaucoup des problèmes pour la Troisième République. Cette guerre tragique a tué plus que un million trois cent vingt huit mille soldats français et a détruit l’économique de France. Ce ravage a fait les années entre les deux guerres très instables et il y aurait beaucoup des problèmes dans la Troisième République non seulement financière mais aussi politiqué. C’est possible que la Troisième République se serait redressé les problèmes, mais la Deuxième Guerre moniale a fait cette question hors de propos parce que la Troisième République était fait tombée par l’invasion d’Allemagne.

Dans plusieurs façons les grands mouvements modernistes dans les arts français ressemblent à l’histoire française parce que l’époque moderniste français était un période quand les architectes, les musiciens, les peintures, et les écrivains, cherchaient une nouvelle expression dans leurs arts. La vie après les guerres était très déprimante et la vie était chaos. Dans la même façon, il y avait de chaos dans les esprits des artistes et ils ont pensé que ils étaient seuls dans l’univers. Et, sans dieu, ils avaient raison. Comme les batailles entre la monarchie l’Allemagne et la République française pendant la première Guerre mondiale, les artistes modernistes étaient souvent tiraillé par les formes de l’art ancien et nouveau, et comme les barrages entre la oppression de Hitler et la liberté de la République pendant la Deuxième Guerre mondial les artistes étaient tiraillé par les formes d’art rigide et les formes libre de modernisme. Vraiment, les autres formes n’ont pas été très rigide, mais les formes de la modernisme ont démontré les idées très différentes que la vie vraie dans le monde. Ces deux possibilités dans l’art sont démontrées profondément dans les peintures et les écrivains mais l’exemple les plus clair est l’architecture moderniste et la musique. Donc je parlerai de l’architecture première et après des autres.

Il y a trois styles d’architecture français moderniste. Il y a deux styles extrêmes, le modern style et le fonctionnalisme, et un autre qui est entre les deux, l’art déco. Un grande caractéristique de tous les styles du vingtième siècle est leur utilisation des nouvelles matériels fer, acier, verre, et béton. Le style première, le modern style, a abandonné le style gréco-romain et a entrepris construire les choses rappelant de l’architecture de dieu en nature. Ils ont utilisé les nouveaux matériels pour faire des constructions florales. Les exemples les plus célèbres de ce type d’architecture sont trouvés à quelques entrées du Métropolitain à Paris. Il y a un bon exemple à gauche du Louvre que j’ai vu à Paris. « Castel Béranger » par concepteur Hector Guimard est aussi un bon exemple de le modern style d’architecture. Le style milieu, que les auteurs de notre livre pour classe appelent « une sorte de compromis entre le classicisme et le modernisme [. . .] pure, simple, presque dépouillée» (Steele 379). Le troisième type d’architecture moderniste s’appelle le fonctionnalisme et c’est un style beaucoup moins orné que les autres architectures anciennes ou modernes. L’architecte Le Corbusier est le plus connais des architectes modernes. Le but de l’architecture fonctionnaliste était, comme son nom, fonctionner. Donc, il n’est pas un surprise que, après quelques années, le fonctionnalisme était condamné pour faire sans âme. Je ne suis pas certain pourquoi, mais notre livre n’a pas donné des exemples de l’architecture fonctionnaliste qui était aussi beau, mais je sais que il y a un peu parce que nous avons vu des exemples dans la classe. Au début des années soixante du vingtième siècle, le type final de l’architecture moderniste était remplacé par l’architecture post-moderne.

Comme l’architecture, il y a trois types de musique moderne ; la musique impressionniste, la musique dodécaphonique, et la musique concrète. Il est possible considérer le première style d’être un avant-coureur du modernisme, mais pour un petit résumé comme celui, il est plus facile de penser à tous les trois comme les musiques moderne. La musique impressionniste était fondé par Debussy, mais il était Erik Satie, selon Steele « qui a simplifié la musique en la réduisant à l’essentiel [. . . avec] la ligne pure et primitive de la mélodie qui dominait » (380). La deuxième musique, dodécaphonique, s’appelle cette nom parce qu’elle utilise douze notes et est la dernière musique concrète. Elle est aussi intéressante parce qu’elle est la première musique qui a utilisé les instruments électriques. J’ai étudié l’architecture et la musique première parce que je pense qu’ils démontrent très bien les changements des styles qui les ont précédés. Le peinture moderniste et la littérature sont de même ou plus importance que les autres que j’ai déjà discuté.

Les trois mouvements dans les arts visuels pendant l’époque de modernisme sont cubisme, surréalisme, et art abstrait. Les artistes modernistes se sont rendus comte que nous ne voyons pas les objets. Nous voyons la lumière, où plus exactement, les petites partes de la lumière que les objets reflètent. Donc, pour les artistes modernistes, particulièrement les cubistes, le réalisme de la forme n’était pas aussi important que le réalisme du perspectif et de la lumière. Pour les artistes surréalistes, la raison pour leur art n’était pas la reproduction de réalité comme cette que nous voyons actuellement. Ils ont désiré produire la vérité intérieure dans une façon visuelle, symbolique et pas forcément d’accord avec la réalité évidente. Au risque de simplifier trop une théorie complexe qui concerne une forme d’art qui a l’air d’être très simple, l’art abstrait est un développement naturel du cubisme et surréalisme. C’est le manifestation extrême des mouvementes artistiques où le personne qui voit est très plus importante que le image réel.

La littérature manifeste les mouvements des idées sous les noms antirationalisme, surréalisme, et existentialisme. Les hommes les plus connais de antirationalisme sont Marcel Proust et André Gide. Notre texte dit que « Proust s’est consacré à l’analyse du cœur et de l’esprit à travers ses personnages [. . . et Guide] cherchait plutôt à éveiller une inquiétude, désireux de pénétrer toujours plus avant dans la connaissance de l’âme humaine » (368). Donc, c’est clair qu’une des grandes traites de l’Antirationalisme est un intérêt dans l’homme intérieur, un intérêt similaire à l’art modern aussi. Le deuxième mouvement littéraire dans modernisme était le surréalisme. Surréalisme est arrivé entre les deux guerres mondiales et est caractérisé par un certain anarchiste vue de la vie et la littérature. André Breton a dit qu « il suffisait de se mettre dans un état complètement passif et de laisser les mots surgir de son inconscient, sans essayer de leur imposer aucun manière » (369). Cette anarchie de penser a affecté la littérature après cette époque et aussi les méthodes d’enseigner l’écriture aujourd’hui. La dernier, existentialisme était aussi un mouvement philosophique ou le but était la compréhension du monde dans la tête de chaque personne. « On détermine sone essence soi-même » (277). Le but de la littérature existentialiste est la présentation de le monde faite par l’autour. A sa manière, existentialisme était perdu dans la pensée post-moderniste, mais la leçon qu’il présent, que « l’homme est ‘condamné à être libre’ », est une leçon pour laquelle il doit être inscrit dans la mémoire de la civilisation française.

Je n’avais pas traité les sujets de modernisme en grande détaille parce que le modernisme et les pensées modernistes sont très divers et compliqués. Pourtant, j’espère que les petits résumés de l’histoire, l’architecture, la musique, l’art, et la littérature moderniste démontrent la façon dans laquelle ce période qui avait beaucoup de changements qui dent passés. La première moitié du vingtième siècle était très triste à cause des guerres, et ne rien peut réduire l’horreur des guerres, mais cette tristesse et les questions qui l’accompagneront accompagnaient ont produit un nouveau méthode pour regardé le monde. Ce nouveau point de vue a donné une nouvelle liberté à l’esprit des hommes et femmes français.
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Because Anne Rice Makes Me Funky and I Desperately Want to Write--Something [27 Apr 2005|06:26pm]

The teachers say that we find poetry in images devoid of abstraction, but what image could ever describe the way that my head and heart feel impaled on the sharpened fencepost of longing when loneliness kisses my quivering lips against its rotten teeth and fetid gums. I cast about in my mind like a blind man in a library, shuffling through images I cannot see to find the one that is my mind. Night rain perhaps, for a two A.M. commute in the rain is like joining Dante’s Virgil in the abandonment of hope as the maggots under my skullcap burrow into my eyes until the traffic signals burn like the sun to a vampire and I just want to stop and sleep—forever. But that image is skeletal and rain on my roof sings the delicious, sensuous, fatty song of the green mother, making of this world a community were life continues and sleep is momentary and loneliness impossible, even for the isolated isopod in man’s concrete wilderness. 

The poetic ideals of the teachers abandon me once again to the abstract, to the knowledge that there is no image for my loneliness. Loneliness is not aloneness, for aloneness can be solitude, and solitude is a walk in the woods in the spring, while loneliness is, not the winter of trees as the poets might say, but an April death in the marsh when the world is birthed anew. Worse, it is not the death that leads to life, for loneliness is the bog that pulls at my ankles and pulls me down to fill my mouth and my eyes, to make its way under my fingernails, into my hair, and under my skin, only to harden under the sun and petrify my putrescence, allowing only dry-rot. Loneliness does not make its prey food for decay, that would be creative, and solitude creates, but loneliness freezes in a no life, no entropy, no thought, no caring, shell that, where I able to free my lips from its grasp would make me beg for a companion to share in and destroy my shell of loneliness.

No, there is no image to describe loneliness.

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No Wonder English Rhyme is Dead [25 Apr 2005|06:26pm]
In empty globes we find our dreams
Of living, touching, knowing,
But true contact is lost between
The birthing and the growing.

Six billion worlds on one small sphere
All orbiting each other
No focal, centered voice to hear--
All solitary lovers.
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The Story of Me [19 Apr 2005|03:22pm]
Is this world but a story?
Are the stories all true?
Then stone is ephemeral
And spirit concrete
Am I the background--
An influencer,
Maybe the hero’s father
Or great-grand-child
Gone before the first page begins?
Will I make an appearance
In a flashback,
A dream?
A flat person in the street
Found round only to me.
And what of the facts?
If the gauze of fiction becomes—
Mimicked by stone
What of truth
And the flagrantly true lie
When the factual deception
Tells a creator
That the story of me—
Won’t sell?
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Eutsler, Jacki to Me [17 Mar 2005|11:20am]
I am happy to inform you that Dr. Estridge has approved your request to
transfer your PE credit to CBC. Yeah!

Dr. Estridge will take care of informing Bill Davis, Registrar.


Jackie Eutsler
Administrative Secretary to the
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Central Bible College
3000 N. Grant
Springfield, MO 65803
417-833-2551 x 1116

-----Original Message-----
From: David Gross [mailto:davidjgross@gmail.com]
Sent: Friday, February 25, 2005 10:45 AM
To: Eutsler, Jackie G.
Subject: My Request

Mrs. Eutsler,

I have included the request that I told you that I was going to send
to Dr. Estridge. Unfortunately I do not know his first name so I could
not figgure out his Email address, and when I went to get it from the
web page, something was wrong and I could not get through.

I would really appreciate it if you could either print it up and give
it to him or forward it to his account.

I am sorry to be a bother.

Thank you,

David Jonathan Gross

Hell hath no limits, nor is circumscribed
In one self place; for where we are is hell,
And where hell is, there must we ever be.
And to conclude, when all the world dissolves,
And every creature shall be purified,
All places shall be hell that is not heaven.

Spoken by the Demon Mephastophilis in Christopher Marlowe's "Doctor
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The Info [15 Mar 2005|10:51am]

March 15, 2005



Greeting from Honduras and CEAD Christian School,


My name is Mike Harrison.  I am an A/G Missionary Associate and the Director of CEAD Christian Schools.  We are a mission school under Bill Strickland.  I am in need of North American teachers for our bilingual school.  Spanish is not necessary.  I am currently taking applications for the 2005/2006 school year.  If you have graduating students with a desire to teach on the mission field please forward this information.  I can be contacted through email at   Mike@cead.org.hn or Mike@garywood.org .


God is doing great things in Central America.  People are very open to the gospel and the Holy Spirit is moving in Centro Evangelistico Asambles de Dios.  I truly believe that Latin America will be the next great revival of the 21st century.


CEAD Christian School is training children and young people through the process of Christian education.  It is with this in mind that we are looking for Christian teachers to help teach, train and minister to our students. Our desire is to instill in our students the knowledge of being successful throughout their future with the full understanding of their potential through their relationship with a mighty and powerful savior - Jesus Christ. 


There are two ways of coming to teach at CEAD Christian School:


1. Missionary Associate program of the Assemblies of God.  This is for members of the Assemblies of God.  You would make application through the mission department of the Assemblies of God.  You would need to be approved and cleared for raising your own support.  You can get further information at:


Missionary Associate Processing

Assemblies of God World Missions

1445 N. Boonville Avenue

Springfield, MO 65802-1894


Telephone:  417-862-3420 (ext. 2088)


Website:  www. Worldmissions.ag.org

Email: missionaryassociate@ag.org


2. MAPS (Mission Aboard Placement Service)


This is for Assemblies of God members and other evangelical Christians. (CEAD prospective teachers only)




A. An application with three references for CEAD Christian School would need to

     be completed and received. (Can be emailed to you)


B. If your skills and talents are what CEAD Christian School needs then a telephone

     interview would be arranged.


C. If approved, an application to MAPS would be needed.  (This application is

     somewhat redundant and will require further references and a $30 processing fee.)


D. Once everything is processed and approved an invitation to teach at CEAD

     Christian School will be given.  (A valid passport would be needed to leave the

     United States.)


CEAD Christian School will provide:




  1. Air transportation to and from Tegucigalpa, Honduras (Beginning of school – 2nd week of August and at the end of the school year – end of June.)


  1. Housing will be provided.  This normally will be with other teachers.  An apartment will be secured for single female teachers and one for single male teachers.  It may be that two teachers may have to share a bedroom.  This depends on each situation, number of teachers and size of apartment etc. (Housing for married couples will depend on if both spouses will be teaching at the school.  A housing allowance would possibly be provided to assist in housing cost.)


  1. A small monthly salary would be provided.


  1. Honduran medical insurance would be provided.


  1. All visa requirements would be provided.


Please feel free to ask me any questions that you may have.  I know that there will be questions and I am available to answer the best I can.


My prayer is that God will speak to your heart for His will to be accomplished in your life in the place where He would have you to serve Him.



Mike Harrison


CEAD Christian School

Tegucigalpa, Honduras
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